Our Methodology
Our methodology is unique from any other as we always analyze and reconfigure our processes for each project as each one can be unique depending on the set of requirements for a customer. This approach considers the following processes:
  • How we stage your data for processing.
  • How we configure and locate our hardware within our data center.
  • How we configure our software.
  • How we configure our control databases.
By doing this, we provide flexibility for you in how we attack your project as well as ensure 100% data accuracy and maximum data throughput to complete your project as fast as possible. It's this approach and flexibility that makes us stand out from our competition.

Our Software
All of our proprietary software was designed and written by our own staff specifically for data conversion work. It was developed using proven object-oriented techniques that provides for ease of maintenance but also the addition of new capabilities with a minimum of effort. This is particularly important when defining unique customer requirements which occur in every project. Our software is database-driven providing remarkable project control and processing flexibility but also the necessary project and data auditing, error identification and handling and reporting that is required on any conversion project. We make sure that all the data we are given is converted, is 100% accurate and given back to you in a fully audited fashion.

D-Cubed Media Conversions provides you with everything you need to manage and complete a successful project:

  • Control
  • Auditing
  • Reporting
  • Flexibility
  • Data Error Processing

  • Our Processing Capability
    We can handle any size project. We have 39 server- class machines, 300 TB of disk space, 7 tapes libraries with various tape drives, 9 optical libraries of various kinds, and a variety of other equipment to handle just about any kind of media.

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