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For many companies however, they don't know where to start. They don't have the necessary resources or expertise, excess production capacity or the knowledge of both the source and target platforms, while ensuring that all existing data ends up in the target system. That's where we come to the rescue.

We have the broad-based expertise to help you with any archive and any size project from 1 TB to 300 TB and typically complete the migration in 6 months or less. Our partners and staff have over 125 years of IT experience in software development, databases, networking and project management. We have developed our own proprietary software and methodology for specifically handling these kinds of projects accurately and quickly. We do not need access to the source or target archive software as our methodology is separate from any other software. All we need is access to the data. We also don't utilize any of your production resources and can perform our work at our secure production facilities or at yours. We have over 45 years of experience in specific document and image archive consolidations across many OS, application and database platforms. We can handle any project as we have seen and experienced it all.

There are several scenarios to consider when deciding the best time to consolidate. These are:
    Whether you are purchasing new technology or have existing technology already in place, we can make the job of getting data out of your legacy archives and into the new, fast and easy. The quicker the data is migrated, the sooner you start saving money.
    We can assist you with consolidating your data centers faster by migrating data to the same or different archive in another location.
    When merging operations with a company you just acquired, we can save you significant dollars in hardware, software license fees and support costs by migrating your archives into any target platform.
    Many times we run into department archives that would be better served and supported by migrating the archive to an existing enterprise platform. This helps to centralize and standardize support and reduce overall costs.
    When selling off a business unit, we can help you extract and convert data that needs to move to the new owner and reduce your storage and support costs as well as the liabilities associated with keeping this data.
    Many companies are moving away from tape or slow optical storage and we can help with that changeover.
Benefits of Consolidating Archives:
  • Eliminate legacy systems and the associated costs
  • Quick realization of significant cost savings through a reduction in duplicate hardware, software license fees and support costs
  • Reduced risk of data loss through technology obsolescence of legacy systems
  • Improved or simplified regulatory compliance
  • Better access to information for the entire organization
  • More streamlined operations
  • Ensures critical or deep archive data is usable
  • Reduces floor space requirements and costs associated with media storage
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