Microfilm & Microfiche Conversions
D-Cubed Media Conversions has extensive experience in helping customers move their data from microfilm and microfiche to digital utilizing the latest scanning equipment, software and best practice processes. We scan your microfilm records (16MM / 35MM) and microfiche records (16MM/35MM, COM / Jacketed) for access via PC on DVD or for import to your document and/or image archives. We provide roll level indexing, record level indexing or document level indexing for microfilm and fiche level indexing or record level indexing for microfiche.

There are numerous reasons to convert to digital:
  • Deterioration
    Over time microfilm and microfiche tend to deteriorate even if it is stored under ideal conditions. We have found the storage conditions to be ideal in very few instances. Essential documents have been completely lost due to the poor storage conditions. Even in less extreme cases the quality of the images decline to the point that the documents are illegible.

  • Lack of Hardware Support
    The number of companies supporting microfilm and microfiche are declining. In many cases the cost of supporting or purchasing a new microfilm or microfiche reader pays for the cost of conversion.

  • Reducing Labor Costs
    Accessing microfilm and microfiche records is labor intensive. The roll or fiche must be identified, pulled, loaded onto a reader, the appropriate image located, the image printed or saved as a file and finally the roll or fiche stored. If frequent requests occur, the manual labor would be significant. This same action in digital form would take seconds to retrieve.

We have scanned microfilm and microfiche for import to many document/image archive systems including IBM OnDemand, Mobius (ASG), Oracle, various homegrown systems and others. We work with you to identify your needs and requirements for your specific project. We can provide the images in any required format including TIFF, Multipart TIFF, JPEG, PDF and others along with the indexing information. The type of microfilm or microfiche, the required level of indexing, the condition of the film or microfiche, the media required and the urgency affect the pricing for the project.
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